Expanding my knitting boundaries

I am a Knitter.

Ten or so years ago I taught myself to knit from a library book. Before that a few people tried to teach me to knit, but I found I did better when I was determined to figure it out on my own. I enjoyed knitting but it fell by the wayside when my children were babies and toddlers. Three years ago I had the urge to pick it back up and haven’t looked back since. Since starting back up I have been very brave and tried lots of things I didn’t dare to during my first journey with knitting.

I am an Obsessed Knitter.

I have boxes upon boxes of stash yarn

I listen to multiple podcasts all about knitting while at work

I spend a wholey unnecessary amount of time on Ravelry

I typically have several projects on my needles at once and I never am without at least one of them at all times

(This could go on and on.)

It isn’t enough…

I don’t have a knitting group and lately my obsession seems to need a larger outlet than just me knitting. I already tend to go on extensively about my projects in Ravelry under my project notes, but thought this might be a different way to connect with  other knitter/crafters out there. I guess even if no one reads this I like the idea of writing about knitting on a bigger stage than my project notes.

Just so no one thinks this is an attempt to get invited to join a knitting group…it’s not that I haven’t been invited. I work days and my husband works nights (and many weekends.) I am home with the kids in the evenings (and many weekends) and therefore it doesn’t work for me to make plans for myself. Maybe someday when my kids no longer need supervision at all times I will find a group to join. Until then maybe this is the start of my very own virtual knitting group.

Now that I’ve introduced myself and explained my compulsion to start a blog I suppose I should talk about my knitting at least a little bit.

I just finished this Milo for my daughter. I knit it in size 6. It is a bit large for her now, but then she should be able to wear it next winter too. She is excited to wear it with the Tutu skirt I bought to match it from Target.

I am currently knitting Skyp Socks for my husband. I really haven’t ever knit anything for him, but he tends to be on the picky side. I am really enjoying this yarn (Blue Moon Fiber Arts) and the pattern is easy to memorize. They are feeling like they might be a big roomy for him I will need to have him try them on.

Technically, also on my needles but currently hibernating is the Lintilla shawl. I’m making it for my Mom and while I think it is a nice pattern it doesn’t hold my interest for very long. It is good for when I need some truly mindless knitting, but lately it isn’t satisfying me quite like I want it to. I don’t have a picture to post it right now. Oh, and I have made one Owl Puff and plan to make several more before I mark that project as done. I have no idea what I’m going to do with them but they are just kind of fun.

As always I’m resisting to urge to cast on a whole bunch of other things. I have been into sock patterns and shawl patterns lately. We’ll see how long I manage to resist.


4 thoughts on “Expanding my knitting boundaries

  1. Liz says:

    How fun! I lOve blogs and will love reading yours. I have enjoyed your knitting over the years- I have Cam’s outfit all ready for when he’s a bit bigger to wear the owl sweater vest 🙂

  2. Yay! Congratulations on starting a blog! I look forward to reading about your knitting adventures. Maybe it will inspire me to pick up the needles again…

  3. Amanda says:

    I have never read a blog before and I thought this was cool! I desperately want to learn to knit, but have been unsuccessful thus far. My sister tried to teach me, but she went to fast for me and didn’t have a lot of patience for my idiocy! My niece (who was 11 at the time) tried to teach me, but she is lefty and it made no sense! Books made no sense at all. I may be a hopeless case! I am envious of anyone who knits, especially when they are as talented as you are!

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