My Source of Patience

Almost every time someone notices me knitting and comments on it they say the same thing, “I would never have the patience to do that.”

I find it very ironic because knitting is my biggest source of patience. By nature I am a worrier. If there is nothing to worry about I will find something. I’m quite certain I inherited that tendency from my Grandma, she is one of the best worriers I know. If I have a knitting project on-hand (which I usually do) I can be much more content with worrying or waiting or whatever. I have come to LOVE car trips…just think of the hours worth of uninterrupted knitting time! Waiting rooms are far more entertaining when I’m happily knitting on something. I have even knit on my commute home while literally sitting in traffic. (No, I would NEVER knit in a moving car while I’m driving.)

I’m sure that when people tell me that they wouldn’t have the patience to knit they are looking at how many individual stitches it takes to make something substantial and I can kind of understand. In a world of instant gratification why would you spend hours upon hours making something you can buy at the store? For me it is the process that goes into it and the satisfaction of creating something and of course, the patience it brings me.

My Knitting:

I finished the Multnomah Shawl over the weekend. It is gorgeous and I love it and I’m not sure it is destined to be mine. I knit it thinking that it was mine. Now that it is finished I’m not sure it will match any of my wardrobe. I think it is actually begging to belong to my Mom.

I have made good progress on the Traditional Gansey Socks. They are turning out a normal size, which is what failed in my previous attempt. I love the yarn I chose, but the color is pooling, which is frustrating me.

This lovely yarn is for a mystery project. I have no idea if the person who this project is for reads my blog so I’m going to refrain from doing more than showing you this pretty yellow Malabrigo Yarn. Let your imaginations run wild!

I have been thinking that I would knit my daughter a shrug for Easter. Last year I made her an ivory shrug, which she liked and wore, but wondered why it was just “white.” I have had this yarn set aside for this year’s Easter shrug, but I’m not sure I think it matches her dress well enough. What do you think?

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Here is hoping it was a wonderful day for everyone. My husband and I won’t see each other today, but he did leave me a nice gift to come home from work to. Actually it was the perfect gift ~ coffee, chocolate and a gift card for yarn!!


One thought on “My Source of Patience

  1. Well said about the patience! Knitting totally makes time fly! It’s relaxing and productive and awesome! 🙂 Looks like John did a great job for valentines day! Oh and the yarn for the shrug totally works! Go for it!

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