A Tale of Two Sweaters

At Easter time it is still cold in MN. Even when Easter falls ‘late’ it is still cold in MN. So, one of my biggest gripes is that ALL the Easter dresses are sleeveless. It makes no sense to me. It does however, give me an excellent opportunity to knit cute little shrugs or sweaters for my ‘Minnie.’ I bought Minnie a dress at Target a couple of weeks ago and pulled some yarn out of my stash that I thought would match well enough to make a shrug. I actually posted a picture in my last post of the dress and the yarn and heard from one person that it looked like a match. I happily knit up the shrug, washed it, blocked and it and tonight tried it on Minnie with the dress. My husband looked on and said, “Maybe it’s because I’m not a girl, but I’d say that doesn’t match.” Sigh….so here it is, let me know what you think. I think the color of the shrug matches some of the flowers down below well enough. This pattern is called ‘Something Beautiful Shrug.” It is a great little pattern that I have knit for her before.

That brings us to the second sweater. After I purchased and started knitting the first sweater my mother in law called to let me know she bought Minnie a dress. She didn’t say it was for Easter, but this is the fantastically frilly sort of Easter dress Minnie always wants and I never buy for her. So, now we have two Easter dresses. I’m fine with Minnie not wearing the dress I bought her for Easter, she can wear it any time this spring/summer. It does mean I have another sweater/shrug to knit. I do think I did a better job matching this one to the dress. This pattern is called Taylor. While the pattern has all the necessary info, it is very poorly organized, in my opinion. I struggled to figure out what was going on ( I kept wondering if I was missing a page of the pattern) and would have given up, had I not paid for the pattern on Ravelry. I’m knitting this out of Knit Picks new Brava acrylic yarn. I will admit to having become a bit of a yarn snob. I mostly don’t enjoy acrylic yarn except that it washes and dries in my machines like a champ. This yarn is really, really nice acrylic that I would highly recommend it!

The rest of my knitting:

Here is how that lovely ball of yellow yarn I shared in my last post is knitting up. I’m still not going to offer very many details since this is a gift for someone who may read my blog. I expected to be a lot further on this project except my needle broke. I had to put the whole project aside until my order of new needles came in. So frustrating!!

This has been a perfectly lazy weekend at home with my family. Now…off to watch the Oscars with my knitting! Until next time, happy crafting – or whatever your passion is!


3 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Sweaters

  1. Kirstin says:

    I think the shrug looks ok with the dress. If the color was slightly different it would be better but I think it is doable/wearable.

    I’m liking the look of the second sweater! Would love to see the dress and sweater combo!

    I’m curious about your last project pictured. Love the yarn color, liking the style (so far) and want to know more about it 😉

  2. Liz says:

    I think the shrug does match the flowers down below and would be good! I do think, though, I would more like a color similar to the ribbon. Would the new shrug work with both dresses? I agree with the sleeveless dresses!

  3. The first shrug is really cute. I agree that it looks close enough to the flowers on the bottom but next to the pink ribbon on the waist it’s a little off. But I think ultimately still wearable.
    The second shrug looks cute too! I hate when patterns are confusing though, especially when you paid for it! Does the second one match the first dress?
    The yellow socks are beautiful! Sorry your toothpicks broke! 🙂 I hope your new ones come quick!

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