Now and Then…and some books

This week I let my 5-year-old daughter distract me from my projects currently on the needles. One evening after announcing she was cold she went in search of slippers and discovered none of her slippers fit her anymore. I offered that I’d knit her some new ones sometime and she happily accepted. Being someone who can easily be distracted by the call of new/different knitting projects it took me mere minutes to lay aside my knitting, log onto Ravelry and start hunting for the perfect quick and easy slipper pattern for Minnie. I wasn’t finding exactly what I’d envisioned but in the end picked one that looked okay and I knew I had yarn for. This just ‘okay’ pattern turned out to be exactly what I didn’t realize I was looking for – awesome!! It is a pattern adapted from another to include the use of fun fur. I’m not a fan of fun fur so I didn’t go that route, but even my more plain slippers turned out great and I really think the construction was ingenious! The pattern is Kid and Adult Sasquatch Booties. By my bedtime I’d finished the first! Last night I finished the second and my son is eagerly anticipating a pair of his own within a few nights.

Working on slippers reminded me of one of my first knitting project ever after moving beyond simple knitted dish cloths. I think the year was 2001 or 2002. My husband’s Grandma, a fellow knitter, had given me the pattern for her much coveted knitted slippers and my husband said he’d like a pair. I’m not even sure if this pattern had a name. I don’t know if it came from a book or was someone’s own design handed down through the years. I got a black and white copy of the pattern, which appeared to have been written up on a typewriter at some point previous. As a fairly new knitter the knitting lingo was baffling and it is probably a gross understatement to say that I badly misinterpreted parts of this pattern. I had no idea what gauge was and didn’t really even consider that by moving to a large size of needles it would be easier to work with the yarn held double. Even just the stitching up of the seams when I’d finished the knitting was a whole new adventure for me. But, I didn’t give up! My husband still wears these hideous slippers to this day. I have offered to make him new ones now that I’m a much more experienced knitter but he says they are fine. There is a little bit of pride in seeing them still being used, but also the knitter I am today cringes a bit.

My Other Knitting:

I have worked a little on the yellow mystery project and I have worked VERY little on the Taylor Shrug. Maybe if I hadn’t let myself be seduced by the allure of new projects I’d be finished with the shrug. I will have to get back to work on it soon. I also have a baby gift to knit by the 23rd….I’m not even sure what I want to knit, I better start looking into that too.


My other great love is reading! I’ve decided to start talking about what I’m reading or listening to. Maybe it will inspire people to share their thoughts on what I’m reading or offer me suggestions. I’m up to book six of the Stephanie Plum series: Hot Six. I’m part way through several other books on my Kindle, but I won’t mention things I’m not actively reading right now. I just finished listening to Red Leaves by Paullina Simons on my iPod. I love her Alexander & Tatiana trilogy of books (I will link to the first of the series) and remembered reading Red Leaves a teenager so thought it was a good pick for an audible download. If you like murder mysteries it was pretty good. I would have enjoyed it more throughly except I remembered the plot twist so it wasn’t as exciting this time through. Also, I’m thinking about rereading the Hunger Games before the movie comes out on the 23rd.

Until next time, happy knitting, or what whatever your hobby is! And…May The Odds Be Ever In Your Favor!


2 thoughts on “Now and Then…and some books

  1. Cathy says:

    I have that same slipper pattern from Fannie, I think they are called “Fannie Slippers” 🙂
    I had this same thing happen about six weeks ago, Lexi needed slippers, I quickly found a pattern on ravelry and got them done in two nights!
    Have you read Sophie Kinsella’s books? They are some of my faves, one of the authors that I will pay full price for when her books come out.

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