Start-itis has hit

I have start-itis; which is a well-known disease afflicting most knitters at various times. It makes them yearn to cast on every project they see and abandon the projects they were very recently in love with. For me it strikes when I’m unhappy or bored with my current projects. The only project I’m actively working on right now it the Taylor shrug. It has been going fine since I got past my difficulties with the instructions, but I’m bored with it. Twenty-five inches of an 8 row lace pattern just gets tedious. Maybe my real knitting issue right now is that I haven’t had as much time for it and every time I have to set it aside means more time to re-acclimate myself when I pick it back up. Not to mention, with all the pauses it feels like I’ve been working on this same thing FOREVER. I might be happier if I was working on the Toe-Up socks or the mystery yellow project or even finishing up the Lintilla Shawl for my Mom…but I have a real deadline on the shrug…maybe that is really why I’m bumming…I kind of hate deadlines. Sometimes start-itis is a good thing though (as long as I’m being strict with myself.) It forces me to get busy on projects so that I can start new things.

I did make my son “LJ” some of the Sasquatch Slippers I made for Minnie. We picked out the yarn together at Jo-Ann’s last Saturday. I knit both slippers that same day. I think they turned out cute. LJ likes them…my husband thinks they are a little bright. I finished the second slipper while we watched Hugo with the kids. What a neat movie! If you haven’t seen it I would highly recommend it!

My Reading:

As I’ve had very little time for knitting…I’ve also had very little time for reading. However, I work 40 hours a week and enjoy podcasts and audiobooks while I work. The kids and I went to the library over the weekend and I did a little browsing for some new audiobooks to try. I ended up in the Young Adult section. Sometimes I run across books I loved as a kid/teenager on CD and check them out to listen to. This time I stumbled across an author I’d never heard of before. Stephanie Perkins has two books that were published since 2010. The cute cover illustrations is what got me to try them. I have listened to both and found them to be absolutely delightful and excellent departures from the usual formula that teenage romance books follow. I am not ashamed to say that I still enjoy some YA fiction as an adult. I love that they are mostly happy and skim over the nastier parts of life. Oh, and the romance!!! Stephanie Perkin’s books are called, “Anna and the French Kiss” and “Lola And The Boy Next Door.” She has a third book coming out later this year (I think) and I’m already looking forward to it.

Until next time happy knitting or reading or whatever. Hopefully I will have more knitting to share soon.


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