So much crafting!

I spent the weekend away at a scrap booking retreat. It is one of the weekends I look forward to most all year! Lots of fun ladies to talk to, good food, no kids, massages…the list could go on and on. This year was fabulous, as usual! Scrap booking is my other favorite form of crafting. My sister got me into it and showed me the ropes right after my Son was born 8 years ago. I went to school for electronic publishing, for me scrap booking has a lot of the same elements and has always felt like a natural fit. Here is a picture of my workspace from this weekend. I am not a very tidy scrap booker…but I did get about 30 pages done this weekend, so tidiness is not everything.

I didn’t just scrapbook this weekend. At one point when I needed a little break from scrap booking I spent a few hours knitting and finished the Taylor Shrug for Minnie’s Easter Dress! I am so happy to be done with it. I do really like the finished product. I stand by what I said before though, the pattern could be much better organized.  And the best news…it matches BOTH her Easter dresses!! Now, I need to hope that it is not too WARM on Easter for her to wear it. MN has been having very unseasonal weather. We didn’t get much of a winter and now we’ve had 70s and 80s in March. I miss our regular spring weather.

After I finished the Taylor Shrug I also spent some time on the yellow mystery project. It is coming along and is back to the top of my must finish list! No new pictures of it this time.

I started off my fabulous weekend seeing the Hunger Games movie with my husband. We put the kids on the bus and headed off for a 10:40 AM showing! I really enjoyed it! I also cried a lot. My husband and I agree that our only complaint is the way they compressed some parts and some of the parts that seemed really dramatic in the book were a smidge lacking in the movie. But, overall I LOVED it.

I have been reading The Paris Wife by Paula McLain. It is about Ernest Hemingway’s first wife. I’m not too far into it but am finding it interesting.

I hope everyone had as lovely a weekend as I did.


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