Amazing Lace!

There are knitting projects that include elements of lace (like the Multnomah Shawl), which I have done before, and then there are lace projects in which the entire project is a piece of lace, which I hadn’t done before…until now.

I will be the first to admit that this didn’t turn out perfectly, but overall I’m happy with it. I’m talking about the lace garter I knit for my sister-in-law-to-be to wear for her and my brother’s wedding this summer. The pattern I used is called Eloping by Abigail van Roode and Kristi Geraci. I have listened to a fair number of knitting pod casters talk about how amazing their first experience with lace was and now I understand and know how true their accounts are.

As you knit lace it looks like a sloppy clump of dental floss that might kind of have a bit of a pattern going on. I kept looking at what I had and thinking, “It will be a miracle if this looks anything like the pictures in the pattern when it is done.”  It took me three tries to get this going. I found it is much harder to keep track of yarn overs in knitting that is a piece of lace and kept losing them on the second row. As I neared the end of knitting this I realized that I was probably a bit above gauge, but was too far in to want to start over again.  Here is how the garter looked when the knitting was finished but no blocking had been done.

Blocking, for anyone reading this who doesn’t knit, is when you pin out your work after washing to shape the piece exactly how you want it to dry. In the case of the garter I pinned down each point of the lace along the edges. I stretched the garter as I pinned it down to open up the lace more. I maybe blocked it a bit too aggressively as it now measures a bit longer than it needs to. Here is a picture of it pinned.

Tonight when I was sure that it was totally dry I unpinned and wove the ribbon in. I forgot that I also needed elastic…whoops. But, this way I can get the elastic for this weekend, when I’ll see my family, and can fit it exactly to her leg. The lace is going to have to gather up a bit to fit her leg, but I still think it is going to look great.

Of course I still took photos of it around a jar that was the right size.

My first experience with a real piece of lace knitting was kind of amazing to me and I’m excited to try another!


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