Go Vote! Ravelry Design Contest

If you are a member on the knitting/crocheting/spinning website Ravelry I urge you to go vote in the current design contest. The Ravelry website is celebrating five years of being on-line and invited its members to create an original design to print on new project bags. The theme is, “A Ravelry Celebration.” The rules and guidelines associated with the contest are available on the website. As an avid member of this website and someone who has a background in design I enthusiastically participated in this contest. Voting started today on the 234 entries (wowza)! Each member can cast one vote which is due by midnight on May 15th. This is round one in the voting and may go onto subsequent rounds if necessary. There are so many outstanding entries! I do not expect to win, but had fun working on my design anyway. After the winner is chosen maybe I will share which one is mine. Happy voting!!

(I borrowed this picture from the Ravelry site. It is a cool picture they did incorporating all of the design entries…by the way, I have an unobstructed view of my entry!!)


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