My Design!

Round one of the Ravelry design contest has ended. My design did not make it into the second and final round. I knew as soon as I saw the range of options in round one that I would not get to the next round. There are so many amazing designers who submitted to this contest! I still had a fabulous time working on this. It reminded me of why I love designing even though I don’t currently get to do very much of it. I said I’d share my design here when the contest was over. The contest is not quite over; voting for round two is going on right now…so go vote! Since mine is not in the final round I’m ready to share it here!

Really quickly, for anyone reading this who has no idea what Ravelry is I should promote it a bit! Ravelry is like facebook for knitters and crocheters. It is a social media/organization site for anyone involved in the fiber arts. I think it is a fabulous site and would recommend it highly to anyone who has a love for knitting/crocheting/spinning/dying/or just yarn in general. By the way, should you come join friend me. My username on Ravelry is GreenEyed79.


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