Summer Is Here!

It’s summer and at my house everything shifts just a little bit during this time of the year. My time-table doesn’t change at all because it’s summer, but my kids’ does and it is amazing how much it can affect everything, including my knitting. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still knitting, it just isn’t as all consuming as it was for me this winter and spring. In the summer my kids are home all day long. Until two they are with Dad and then a babysitter comes and hangs out with the kids until I get home. Because they’re spending so much time at home I end up feeling like I need to get them out of the house some evenings. We have been running errands or going to the little beach about a mile from our house. We also need to work going to the library and on walks or bike rides into the mix more. As I’m being more active with them I find that I’m more tired in the evenings and my knitting gets neglected. Which is why it has been more than three weeks since I last posted! But, I still have things to share.

My brother got married almost two weeks ago. It was a gorgeous day! You will probably recall that I knit a lace garter for my new sister-in-law to wear on the big day! Yes, I know I have talked about this at length previously, but I wanted to share one more picture of it on the bride’s leg with the dress, flowers and ring all adding to the romance of it. I’m still so happy with how this project worked out.

I cast on the Kimana, which is the second part of the American Girl Knitter’s June KAL, but I’m avoiding finishing it. I just have one sleeve to go, but I can’t bring myself to work on it. In working on this I’ve discovered how terrible I am at seaming together things knit in pieces. This must be why I lean toward patterns that are knit all in one piece! I am so disheartened with the seaming job I did at the shoulders of this sweater and then on the first sleeve, that I just don’t want to work on it. I should probably just rip out the seaming I did, do a little research and try again…but for now I’m just avoiding it.

Of the things I already had in progress (four, that aren’t seriously hibernating) I have only worked on one in the last several weeks. I have made quite a bit of progress on my Shaelyn Shawl. I love how this is turning out and can’t wait to add it to my wardrobe in the fall. The pictures I posted of it previously didn’t do it justice, so here is a closer up view. Oh, and if I didn’t say so before, this yarn is really lovely! (Quince and Co.)

My nephew turns one in a month!! Holy Cow, where did the time go? I have cast on the Hooded Baby Sweater with Back Zipper for him. Since my sister already knew I was going to knit this for him I was going to keep the color a surprise, but she caught me knitting on it…oh well! It is Cookie Monster blue! It is the same brand of yarn I used for the last one of these sweaters I did (Berroco Vintage Colors) except in the colorway VintageBlue Note. I am liking how it is coming along. I’m glad that since I ruined the surprise of this one that I have another knit gift in the works for Baby J ~ stay tuned! I have been realizing lately that I have knit quite a few things for Baby J, but there is a reason. While I knew how to knit when my kids and older nieces and nephews were born, I wasn’t addicted to it like I am now. Not to mention that when my kids were little I had no time for anything besides taking care of them. Baby J has been my one big chance to lavish my knitting on a baby so I’m taking full advantage of it, because who doesn’t love baby knitting?

This weekend Minnie and I are going to be “camping” with family up north.  My husband has to work and LJ will be away camping with family from my husband’s side. As I’ll have to be the driver on this trip there will be no car knitting, but I’m looking forward to knitting and soaking up some sun while supervising Minnie in the pool!

Happy Summer Everyone!


One thought on “Summer Is Here!

  1. Kirstin says:

    We love that you knit for our baby! Can’t wait to see the finished sweater and the surprise!

    Love how your shawl is turning out! What color is that? Light green?
    I also love the American girl doll clothes you knit! My past American doll lover self is jealous!

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