Still Busy, Just Quiet

I haven’t posted in nearly a month! There’s a couple reasons for that. First, it’s summer and life is just busier in the summer. And second, both of the new things I worked on in the last month were secrets! My nephew has turned one and his birthday party has happened so I can share now.

I finished the Hooded Baby Sweater with Back Zipper for Baby J! Despite having knit this same pattern, in the same size, in the same yarn before it presented a challenge. On Friday night I sat down to watch the Olympic Opening Ceremony and finish the second sleeve of the sweater. The first of these I did took a little under two skeins of yarn. As I neared the last couple inches of the sleeve I could tell I was going to run out of yarn. Sure enough. So yesterday the kids and I took a trip to the yarn store to buy one more skein which I needed less than 20 yards of. I didn’t manage to get the same dye lot but I honestly can’t tell the difference…whew! Last night I hand sewed in the zipper and did a decent job considering I’d never done that before. I’m going to have my Mom sew over it with her machine too just to make sure it is firmly in there. I had planned to have enough time for my Mom to sew the zipper in for me, but life happened and I was not in a knitting mood for about a week and a half…more on that later.

The surprise part of Baby J’s gift is Iris the Gourmet Monster! J can feel free to name him whatever he would like; Iris was just the name on the pattern. Rebecca Danger has a wide variety of monster patterns! They are all adorable and SO cute! I have actually knit another Rebecca Danger plush for Baby J. I did Wasabi the Gregarious Pug for him for Christmas. Fun patterns! I chose to make this monster smiling so my felt mouth is a bit different from those in the pattern. My kids are totally begging for me to make them one of these too. I saw online someone who made some out of sock yarn instead of worsted weight and so it is a cute smaller version. I’m dying to try that…maybe my kids with benefit. (The yarn I used for Iris is Crystal Palace Yarn Cuddles.)

My sister’s birthday is exactly one week after Baby J’s! So I have also been working on her gift. I also gave it to her at the party today. Using Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage Yarn (which I’d been dying to try) I knit the Commuter Fingerless Mitts. These were fun to knit! They have an interesting construction. They are made so you can unbutton the cuff from the front and wrap it around the fingers and button to a hidden button in the back for added warmth. The yarn did not disappoint! I enjoyed picking out fun buttons. I found these ones at Jo-Ann’s.

My birthday is exactly one week after my sister’s! We are five years and 51 weeks apart. My Mom used to like to say that she was my early sixth birthday present! I’m not knitting myself anything for my birthday but I did order the gift my husband and kids are giving me! I am finally indulging in a full set of the interchangeable needles and cables from Knit Picks! I picked the NEW Sunstruck set! I am beyond excited for these!

Now, earlier I mentioned that I had very little knitting interest for about a week and a half. Partly it was sore muscles and partly I just couldn’t get my head in the right place. Consider this my public service announcement to anyone reading this. I will start this off by saying that I’m so, so lucky and I know that. I am thankful that things didn’t end up worse than they did. On July 19th I was rear ended quite spectacularly at 7:30AM on my way into work. The 18-year-old driver that hit me wasn’t paying attention to the ebb and flow to early morning stop and go traffic. I don’t know if he fell asleep or was busy texting or whatever, but it was a mistake. I urge everyone to PLEASE don’t drive if you are distracted or tired. It just doesn’t pay. He and I both walked away from the accident but our cars both had to be towed away. His car actually briefly started on fire after he hit me. I did go to the ER to get checked over and I’m fine. His car insurance company claimed full liability for the accident almost immediately. I am in a rental car on their dime and if/when they ever decide if they are fixing or totalling my car they will be paying for that as well. I’m still bummed that our NEW car now looks like this (below) but cars are replaceable and people aren’t!

To end this on a happier note…we are attempting to grow our own pumpkins this year! They are growing fast and it is amazing how quickly they are spreading! They are just starting to flower!

Happy Summer!


One thought on “Still Busy, Just Quiet

  1. Kirstin says:

    Love all the projects from this post! J loves his little moster man! I loved watching him drag him around today!! So so cute!
    I can’t wait to see that sweater on him. I’m not necessarily ready for cold/ chilly weather but that sweater will be so stinking cute on him! Thanks for the wonderfully knit things for my little guy! Also I didn’t know about the two different colors, and I don’t think I would have ev figured it out!

    I love the mits! They are perfect for me! I look forward to using them when it gets cold ( again not that I look forward to the cold!).

    Still a bummer about the car! So happy it wasn’t worse! Hope the decisions will be made soon as far as what will happen for you and your car!

    Cool about the pumpkins! That is a neat picture!

    One last thing J still carries around his pug 😉

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