Mittens in August

My knitting mojo has been still been a little bit on the slow side, but I have a couple new things to share. I think I discovered the cure for lacking mojo: start something new with techniques I’ve never done before! I will get back to all the works in progress I have…eventually…none of them have real deadlines attached. I’m pretty sure all of thing things that have been in the works for a while are all for me anyway. I do seem to do better with finishing projects up if they are gifts for someone else.

The evening of my nephew’s first birthday party I started up a pair of mittens for my cousin. He recently graduated from high school and as part of his gift I offered to knit him a pair of mittens in his new school colors to wear around his new campus. I knitted his older sister a pair when she graduated a few years ago and he was interested in some as well. The pattern is called Berry Stitch Mittens from the book Mittens and Hats for Yarn Lovers. I have the first one finished, but would like for him to try it on before I start the second one up. I would hate to discover that I knit two mittens that are too small. I will see him next weekend (I think) and he can sample it for me then.

Once I finished the first mitten I spent a little time putting a few more rows onto my Traditional Gansey Socks, but that hasn’t really been drawing my interest lately. I will do better with finishing up socks and shawls when the colder weather starts to reappear. I have been hunting for a fun stranded knitting project to do with two balls of Malabrigo Yarn that I have. In my search I stumbled across a pattern that used two techniques I have never tried before and they intrigued me enough to want to do this pattern. The pattern is called Hearts for my Tween Mittens by Rebecca Reveal. So far I have done a i-cord cast on and an Estonian braid. Both were easier that I thought they would be. But, both left me with a row of stitches that were kind of large and left larger holes…which I don’t love, but I’m hoping will even out more in the end.

Outside of knitting I’m still working on sorting out the whole mess with my car. They did finally decide it was totalled. I got a settlement value recently and have accepted. The amount of time and paperwork that goes into dealing with this sort of thing is just unbelievable to me. I’ve dealt with an accident before and don’t recall it being so complicated and long. I have had to return my rental car and while we’re getting by I hope that by Labor Day we are in a new car again.

I am wrapping up a four-day birthday weekend. It was wonderful to spend time quality time with my husband, kids, sister, nephew and parents over the last several days. While I always enjoy my time away from work I am actually looking forward to returning to work tomorrow. Tomorrow is our first day at our brand new state of the art building! I spent about an hour and a half there today unpacking my moving crates and making sure I could find my desk tomorrow! It is gorgeous and I’m so looking forward to working there!

Part of my birthday gift! DH ordered me an Edible Arrangement! Yum!

I can’t believe how quickly summer is coming to and end. Before I know it my kids will be back in school! Before that happens though we are enjoying every last little bit of summer. Last night we went to the Twins game with my Mom’s family. It was a lot of fun!

And…we have pumpkins!

Happy Summer!


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