Just Cut It Off!

Life has been busy lately; so busy that not much knitting has been getting done. I am still working on my cousin’s mittens. Normally I would have whipped these out in a matter of days. The first one went quickly. I decided to have him try the first one on to make sure it was a good fit and that was where things got complicated. The mitten was pretty good but if the wrist cuff and thumb were both a bit longer they would be better. Problem was that the cast on edge was at the cuff. I tried to think of the best way to make the cuff longer without starting the whole mitten over. At first I did an attached i-cord edging. It did not add enough length and it made the cuff tight around the wrist. Next I tried to pick up stitches around the cast on edge and knit down from there…this also made the cuff weirdly tight where the picked up stitches joined. Finally I unravelled the cast on edge and picked up live stitches. It worked fine, except the rib pattern doesn’t line up…it is like skewed just a tiny bit…sigh. I decided it would just have to be good enough. For the thumb I decided to just unravel the thumb to back before it started decreasing. Sounds easy right? No idea why I struggled with this, but I did. Both time I did this it looked like crap. I was staring at it one day at work, annoyed with it and I remembered hearing someone on a podcast talk about having to fix a sock that got messed up and how she just cut off the toe and picked up stitches. So…I decided to try it…just cut it off!  It worked! I cut back to the middle of the section before the decreases, picked up the stitches and refinished the thumb and it looked perfect! Sometimes it pays to be brave and do something drastic! I am half way through the second mitten, I have just been too busy to sit down and finish it off. Soon though!

Berry Stitch Mittens

My kids went back to school the day after Labor Day! LJ is in third grade and Minnie is in first grade! How did my kids get so old? It has been nice to get back to the schedule we’re on for most of the year. Our evenings have been filled with finding clothes for tomorrow, checking take home folders, packing lunches and snacks, instead of knitting. I’m sure the knitting will pick back up as we settle into our routine.

My insurance claim was FINALLY settled. I’m still working on the gap insurance portion of it, but our car loan is nearly paid off and so we were able to buy a new car! I never would have thought it possible, but I’m more excited about this car than the other one! We got a 2013 Subaru Outback! We LOVE it! We worked with a close friend who works at a dealership in the upper peninsula of Michigan. Last weekend I found a ride up there and drove the car back home! Now, I just need to stay out-of-the-way of irresponsible 18-year-old drivers!

Our pumpkins are turning orange! I hope they continue to get bigger until Halloween. It looks like we’ll have around a dozen pumpkins!


Happy Autumn!



4 thoughts on “Just Cut It Off!

  1. I never would have thought to cut it! I’m glad that worked!

    Nice car! I hope it has a nice long life with your family. I’m glad that headache is almost over for you.

  2. Your cousin cleaned my teeth today and told me about your blog (she knows I knit fanatically – I always wear handknit socks to dental appointments so when I put them up on the chair L can admire them). She was impressed by the thumb cutting, and I am pleased to find another knitter who takes control of her knitting. Well done. I have cut entire sweaters in half in my time!

    Also – the cute little monster in an earlier post was appreciated. L was telling me how adorable it was and she is right!

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