Ugly Socks!!

These last couple of insanely busy months have been a good example of why I need knitting in my life. Between work, the kids being back at school and family obligations I wasn’t finding a lot of time for myself or my knitting. Even the time after my kids go to bed and I’m still sitting in the living room watching TV has not been spent knitting. On top of being too busy, I was also too tired. During this period of time where I wasn’t doing much knitting things felt very disjointed and I was not handling stress well. My job is at the peak of busy season right now. My co-worker (there are only two of us who do what we do) and I are so, so, so busy and there is not an end in sight to the mountains of work coming in. While I know I’m not expected to get it all done I can’t help but let it stress me out. I go home exhausted and sore from sitting in a certain hunched position all day and typically with one of my eyes twitching.  Not good. Even though I was sure it would be mistake to get back into my knitting because I was already tired, I did…and it is the thing that eases the stress of it all. I’m handling it all more calmly and the eye twitch rarely shows up. Moral of the story…keep knitting; even if only a couple of rows a day because it is where I let go of the stress.

Since I have not been taking a lot of time to knit it is a good time to finish up unfinished projects, of which I have many. I have been anxious to cast new things on again, but I’m trying to patient and wait until I have more time to spend working on them. After I finished my cousin’s mittens (Berry Stitch Mittens – see below) and shipped them off to Milwaukee I cast on the second Hermione’s Everyday Sock for my pair. I’ve been working on it for a few weeks now and am proud to say that I finished! I have a love/hate relationship with these socks. I love the yarn and I love the pattern but I’m not sure I like them together. My first thought evey time I look at these is…wow, those are ugly! The pattern is very textured and I think with a yarn this wildly colored it is just a bit much. I liked the yarn fine on its own and on the bottom of the foot where you stop doing the textured pattern it looks pretty. That being said I will wear these ugly socks proudly (to bed, not out in public!)

Berry Stitch Mittens for my Cousin

My Ugly Socks!

What to work on next? I need to finish the Traditional Gansey Socks and I’m probably half way done with the second one. I have an American Girl Doll sweater for Minnie that needs one sleeve. I am more than half way done with the Shaelyn Shawl, but that one needs some tinking back and fixing which just makes me want to grind my teeth right now. I have more unfinished projects than these, but these are the main contenders.

Actually, before going back to another unfinished project I should knit my kids their winter hats. Every year my mom buys my kids (and their cousins) new winter coats. She buys them on clearance in the spring so she gets great deals on them. I’m amazed that she always manages to find such cute coats on clearance! So every year I knit them a new hat to match their new coat. For LJ’s new coat I’m planning on using the extra yarn from Baby J’s back zip sweater. I want to make him the Koolhaas Hat by Jared Flood, but wonder if it looks too feminine. I will have to show it to LJ and see what he thinks. For Minnie I want to do a purple hat that matches her coat and add a flower in a pink…or maybe a beret. Thoughts?

New Coats

The Koolhaas hat by Jared Flood

I can’t believe that Halloween is less than two weeks away! Our pumpkins don’t look any different from the last picture I shared. They don’t seem to be getting any bigger. Next year we will have to try to plant them earlier and see if they grow bigger for us.

Happy Autumn!


2 thoughts on “Ugly Socks!!

  1. says:

    Glad you posted again! Hope work gets less busy soon. I pulled out my knitting again and actually made a little hat for my nephew coming soon. It had been a long time and was nice to be back!

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