Life threw me a nasty curve ball this week and I’ve been glad to have my knitting to distract myself a bit. On Thursday morning I went into work as usual and after three busy hours was called into a conference room to be told my job was being eliminated due to budgetary concerns. By lunchtime I was back at home sitting on my couch, stunned. After submitting my resume online to a job placement firm and setting up an appointment to meet with them I pulled out the new winter hat I’d started earlier in the week for LJ. Now it is Sunday night and I finished that hat, started and finished Minnie’s new winter hat and worked some on both my other current projects. I don’t know exactly where this job mess is going to go, but knowing I can de-stress with knitting helps a lot. I’m going to take advantage of my jobless state to spend some quality time with my kids. Tomorrow I’m going to have lunch at school with Minnie’s. On Wednesday I’m going to watch the Halloween parade in the school hallways and then help with Minnie’s class’ Halloween party! I’m also going to have lunch with LJ some day next week, we just haven’t decided on the best day yet. One of my biggest regrets as a Mom is that I never have time to go to the school and help or just BE there. So, this layoff has at least one positive!

Last week after going on and on about being responsible and finishing more unfinished projects before I let myself cast on anything new I promptly cast on a new pair of socks…I know…it is a sickness. I bought myself the book Socktopus by Alice Yu for my birthday. It is full of really great sock patterns and I’d been imagining since August which pair I would cast on first. I went with the Rumpled! socks. They are gorgeous! I am really enjoying them so far. I am realizing that the pattern would pop so much more if I would just by solid colored sock yarns, but I always fall in love with the variegated ones.


I cast on another Hooded Baby Sweater with Back Zipper. I won’t say anymore about that because it is a gift. However, on this one I’m using Brava acrylic yarn by Knit Picks. It is a very lovely yarn for an acrylic!

For LJ’s new winter hat I did actually cast on the Koolhaas hat that I talked about last week but didn’t make it very far before I changed my mind. It is a HARD pattern. Every other row has like 50 cables…ugh. I love cables, but not that much. I did watch a video on-line to find out how to cable without needles and that helped a bit, but not enough with such a cable intensive pattern. Instead I pulled up some patterns and asked LJ which he liked. He picked the Hurricane Hat pattern. It was a quick and easy hat pattern. He hasn’t stop wearing it since I finished it and from him that is amazing. A lot of the other hats I made for Logan haven’t gone over so well.

For Minnie’s new winter hat I also started with something different. From the book 101 One Skein Wonders I started the Scalloped-Edge Hat. I was using the yarn weight suggested, but this thing could have fit two heads into it. I’m not sure the yarn was labelled with the correct size. I visited the yarn store on Friday and picked out something different to work with. Instead I knit the Embellish This! Hat. I sized it up to fit Minnie. Then I searched for the perfect knitted flower pattern to embellish the hat with. I went with the pattern Flaunt It! It is a pattern for a neck warmer, headband and wrist cuff with flower embellishments. I just used the flower part of the pattern.

I have been admiring all the hats for little boys. I think Baby J needs a cute winter hat from Auntie. Speaking of Baby J. Here is a picture of him wearing the sweater I knit him. I stole this from my sister’s Facebook account, hopefully she won’t mind too much. I love the colors in this picture and how happy he looks!

Happy Halloween Everyone!


2 thoughts on “Hats!

  1. Kirstin says:

    I like the positive spin you have put on your current situation. I’m sure the kids enjoy getting that extra time.

    Love the kids new hats! They look great! I think J would love a hat too 😉

    Don’t mind you stealing the picture! We love how that shot turned out!

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