So Many Gifts, So Little Time

Can you believe that Christmas is in less than a week? Me neither! I have been busy knitting gifts since I’ve been home laid off. I have been busy getting ready for Christmas everyday. It makes me wonder how I got everything done when I worked 40 hours a week too!

I finished one of the two monsters I’m making for my niece and nephew! Christmas with my family isn’t until the weekend after Christmas so I have plenty of time to get the second done. I am using bulky yarn for these monsters so they are going to be bigger than the one Baby J got. It seems like the perfect size for J and G. I will be starting the second monster later tonight.


My standard teacher gift is a bottle of nice soap and some hand knitted dish clothes. This year I only had two teachers to knit for so each is getting three dish clothes. I did three different patterns. The top picture is the dish cloth pattern I learned when I was first learning to knit. I have knit dozens and dozens of these. The second picture is the Bulls-eye dish cloth, I have also done that one before. It is a quick one to knit up. The last picture is a new pattern I tried this year called The Squidge Cloth. It is so easy and satisfying! I have a few more dish clothes to make to add to a few other gifts.




Today I knit a soap sack. It is not really a gift. It was an idea I got while knitting all those dish clothes. Maybe in the future it is something I will add to gifts. I need my husband to give it a test drive first. There are lots of patterns for soap sacks on Ravelry but none of them were exactly what I was looking for. I made it up as I went based on the features I liked of others on Ravelry. It is a bag knit out of dish cloth yarn and you put the soap in side. When you get the bag wet the soap lathers up and you use the whole thing like a washcloth.

DSCF1604 DSCF1605

I have done a little work on my Fietsbellen Hat a little bit, but otherwise it has been all Christmas knitting.

I got a new job! I start on January 2nd, which turns out to be pretty perfect. I can take these last couple weeks and enjoy being home with my family for Christmas. I have been doing some baking with the kids (something that I’m usually too tired to do when working 40 hours a week.) Here is a picture of our Cookies!


Merry Christmas!


2 thoughts on “So Many Gifts, So Little Time

  1. Kirstin says:

    Cute Monster! I’ll be curious to see the size!

    Love the dishcloths! Really like the round ones and the third type are cool too! I’m interested in hearing more about the soap sack! Seems neat.

    Love your Christmas cookies they are much better decorated than mine we’re/are.

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