Very Little Knitting is Taking Place

Well, it has happened…and it only took two months. While laid off I watched a lot of TV and knit while my kids were at school, all while worrying about money and what would happen if I never found a job. I’ve been back to work for two months and in the last week I’ve been looking back fondly at my time worrying with my knitting. I had SO much time to knit!  I kind of miss it. I have barely knit since I started my new job. For the record, I would not trade having a job for having lots of time to knit. I just need to figure out how to fit it back in again. I have only knit on two things since I started my job. Too bad my mind is overflowing with ideas of other things I want to be knitting.

I finished the fourth Iris! She was a gift for a friend’s baby shower. She more or less specifically asked me to make her a monster someday when she had a baby. She is having a girl so I made her a cute pink monster out of sock yarn. I really like how Iris turned out. I need to try more monsters out of sock yarn! I should try out a new pattern of Rebecca Danger’s though. She has lots and lots of cute monster patterns.


Tonight I finished the first of my Rumpled! socks. I really like how it turned out! I really wish I liked knitting two socks at a time. It took me months and months to finish this one sock and I just have the one. It could be months and months before I manage to finish the second. Kind of makes me wonder why I enjoy knitting socks so much.  I wish I could say that I was going to cast on the second sock right away, but I know I won’t. I’ve already been imaging the other things I can work on now for a little break before I start the next sock.

Hopefully I will have MUCH more knitting to share soon!



One thought on “Very Little Knitting is Taking Place

  1. That pink monster sure is cute! Starting a new job is mentally exhausting. I’m not surprised you haven’t been knitting much! You’ll get back to having the energy for it soon I’m sure!

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