A Little Something for Spring

I am SO ready for spring! Minnesota winters can really wear a person down, especially someone who isn’t all that wild about winter in the first place. I’m just glad I don’t live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan like a couple of my best friends, that would really do me in. I have been finding more time for knitting again and it has been reflecting how much I long for the spring to be here.

I’m hoping that within a few more weeks I can give up wearing gloves and start wearing my new fingerless mitts. I finally did something with my Malabrigo yarn. (Never mind the four other failed attempts.) Apparently yarn this busy works best in something very simple, like these mitts. There’s not any really interesting elements to the knitting to compete with the crazy bright colors of the yarn. This pattern really lets the yarn be the star. My favorite part of this pattern is that the cuff on top is really long so if you need a little more warmth you can unfold them! (Pattern is Long Flap Fingerless Mitts (worsted weight version) by Lisa Dove.)


For Christmas from my parents I got a gift card to my favorite yarn shop – Amazing Threads in Maple Grove, MN! That place is downright dangerous! A couple of weeks ago on my lunch break I went and spent my Christmas money. I spent part of it on a book: Sock Yarn One-Skein Wonders. I have so much sock yarn stashed that I need to start finding more ideas to use it for. I don’t think I need to knit as many socks as all of it would make. From the book I started the Calypso Shrug/Shoulder Wrap. It is also in very spring colors. Hopefully I can get it done to wear this spring.


The last thing I’m actively working on right now is a mystery project. All I will say is that I’m trying to fulfill something I said I’d do. I just started this today and I know that I don’t have a lot of time to get this done, so here’s hoping that I can really cruise along on this. I will share more about it later.


Happy ALMOST Spring! (right??)


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