Mystery Demystified

Well, my mystery project is finished and it has been gifted to the recipient, so I can share it now. My sister-in-law is currently on her first trip to her dream destination…London, England!! Back in the fall she asked me if I would make her a shawl she found and fell in love with in a Jane Austen Knits magazine. I agreed, but should have gotten the ball rolling on it right away. Skip to one month before her trip when I remembered it. At that point we determined I would probably not be able to finish the shawl for her without giving up sleep entirely for the next month. Feeling bad, I looked at knitting patterns on Ravelry, determined to find a pattern I COULD finish in the time I had left before she crossed the pond. I picked out a pattern I’d heard about on podcast I love. Paula from Knitting Pipeline is the designer of this pattern called Ellison Bay.  It is a gorgeous pattern. I had a great time knitting it. I’ve even had a few people ask me to make one for them too!

Here are photos of the shawl and of my sister-in-law wearing her shawl in London. The brooch she is wearing with it she bought at Portobello Market in Notting Hill! Jealous!!


I finished another gift earlier this week. Booties for baby Gemma. I have always wanted to try the Saartje’s Booties pattern. I actually used a pattern which someone wrote based on the Saartje pattern but instead of knit flat you knit it in the round and inside out. I really detest knitting things flat if it is something I can knit in the round. I’m glad Kris Stanton figured this out and shared her pattern: Saartje’s Booties the Bockstark Way. Hopefully Baby Gemma will get some use out of them this spring!


I started on another pattern that I found in my book, Sock Yarn One Skein Wonders. It is a quick one. It is called Ruby Begonia Sunglasses Sock. I have a case for my sunglasses, but it takes up entirely too much room in my purse. This one will keep my sunglasses from getting all scratched up, but is also skinny. I am using some yarn that I purchased online and was really unhappy with the colors compared to how they were shown online. The colors are turning out better than I thought they would.


We are SLOWLY moving into spring here in Minnesota. I’m hoping we are really and truly done with snow. Our yard has almost no snow left! I have never been so happy to see so much ugly brown grass. What a change from last year. Last year on Easter morning our photos were taken out in our lush green yard. Here is one from this year, inside since we still had a lot of snow.


Happy Spring!!


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