I Heart Pintrest

Well, we finally moved out of winter in Minnesota, but apparently we’ve skipped spring entirely and moved straight into summer. On Friday, April 19th my kids had a snow day thanks to a late in the season blizzard. This weekend it was in the 70s and we hit 80 today! What a difference. But we still have brown grass and leafless tress. It is crazy to think that my kids will be done with school in a little over a month.

Friday the 19th:




I finished my sunglasses sock. I like how it turned out, but I think the ribbing was meant to keep the glasses in, but mine doesn’t. I just made a little tie to cinch it closed and it works fine. I even like how the purple and green stripes worked out. This was a fun little pattern to do.


I started a Citron with some of stash…and I’m pretty sure it is getting frogged. I’m just not feeling it. It might be my choice of yarn. Or, it might be the fact that I was doing yarn overs for all the make-ones, which of course results in a series of holes. None of the other photos I have seen of this pattern have those holes, so…I’m not sure mine is right. It might also be that I discovered that I read the pattern wrong. I should probably just start it over again because I haven’t knit in days because I don’t want to work on this.


Onto the subject matter which is reflected in the title of this post! Pintrest is awesome. I am not new to it, but I felt the need to express my love for it publicly. If you have not checked Pintrest out, do yourself a favor and do it! It is such a fantastic place to get ideas. Ideas for anything! I especially love to look at recipes and crafty stuff. But, there is SO much more on there. I also get a lot of good ideas of things to do with my kids. LJ’s Arts and Academics project for school this year was a Pintrest idea: a Lego maze! I found a craft that I was interested in trying and so Minnie and I did it today. We lined cake pans and a muffin tin with designs of pony beads and then baked them at 400 degrees for 25 minutes. And we have…sun catchers! Well, only one is a sun catcher so far, I need my husband to drill holes in the others.


I am hoping to get a new knitting project going that really inspires me. I need my knitting to keep my stress levels under control. It has been too many days since I knit at all and it would feel good to sit down with some knitting and let some stress go.

We had a little thunderstorm pass through earlier tonight. Hopefully our April shower will bring some May flowers (and leaves and green grass!)



4 thoughts on “I Heart Pintrest

  1. Kirstin says:

    I had no idea what a citron was.. I had to click the link! Looks neat!
    I love the sun catchers! I love Pinterest too!

  2. Pinterest is a never-ending source for inspiration. And, like all good websites, a chewer of time… I’ve lost days on that site. πŸ˜› The sun catchers look great. Good luck finding a new project, Ravelry to the rescue, maybe? Yet another inspirational site. πŸ™‚

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