Some Knitting and Some Climbing

Summer is really whipping by. It is hard to believe that in a few shorts weeks the kids will be back to school again. We made a trip to the Upper Peninsula of MI a week ago for a family funeral. We packed a lot into the short 24 hours we were in town. (See photos at end of post.) It also meant a lot of extra knitting time for me, which is always welcome.

Since my last post I have finished and started a few things:

Busy J turned 2! I knit him a couple of things for his birthday. One is the Braided Ball by Marleen Hartog. I meant to take photos of it while I was at least assembling it because it was interesting. I knit 6 strips and then you kind of weave them together to form a ball/cube. It was fun to make but a bit puzzling to put together correctly. The other was a pattern I just couldn’t resist. It is called Knit Hedgehog by Purl Soho. This pattern is written so amazingly! I want to knit it again just because it was that good! I will confess that I had started my knitting for J’s birthday on another pattern. For ages and ages I have had the Sydney the Stashbusting Snake pattern queued. Well…I got a good foot and a half into knitting him and decided to stuff what I had finished to see how he was looking. When I stuffed him it revealed big holes where the wrap and turns were made. It looked terrible. It looked like there was a dropped stitch that had run all the way down. I am reasonably sure I was doing the wrap and turns right…so why did it go so wrong? I gave up that project in favor of these two. I am not sorry. Maybe someday I will try Sydney out again.

I did finish another After Thought Heel Sock. Well, really I re-finished it. The first time I finished it, it was too small. I took measurements so I’m not sure how I messed it up. In the end I picked up stitches right before where I started the toe decreases and then cut the toe off and unraveled back. Then I knit until it was long enough and finished it up. I was probably two and a half inches short. What was a thinking?? Now I need to hurry and finish the second one before they become too small for my ever growing 7 year old.


Finally, I have been working on the Saroyan shawl/wrap. It is gorgeous! I love it! I am a little addicted to knitting it. I am probably about half way done.  It is deceptively easy and the yarn is divine. One repeat is 14 rows. So I let myself knit between 1-3 repeats every time I sit down with it. I am hoping to wear it this fall.


Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Here are some photos of our climb of Sugarloaf  Mountain while we were in MI.


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