Flowers, A Baby and an Award

I was informed as I logged into Word Press today to write this new post that today is the two-year anniversary of my blog. It kind of made me laugh. For me this blog is about getting to write about something that inspires me. I have always loved to write, since finishing school I have always tried to find ways to keep myself writing. I obviously also love knitting; so, two years ago I decided to try a blog which would let me write about something I love. What could be more perfect? The fact that I’ve been doing this for two years now doesn’t mean so much to me because it is not something I do for recognition or praise. I simply do it because I enjoy it. I love getting comments and likes from people, but I don’t get many. I would write these posts even if no one else was paying attention. It is just a good outlet for me! I kind of use this like an online journal of my knitting adventures. It has been very helpful a few times to go back and see my notes about specific projects here.

It has been bugging me since Christmas time that I couldn’t figure out how to crochet a flower for my niece’s hat. I have spent a fair amount of time with crochet books trying out stitches and feel that I have a good grasp of the basics….so why wasn’t it working? The cure to my problem was to watch a You Tube video of someone crocheting a flower. There was one tiny thing that I had not understood from the written directions that as soon as I saw performed in a video made everything click! So, here is my first ever crocheted flower!  Hooray! Persistence pays off, and You Tube, of course! (Here is the link for the video I used:


Another niece’s birthday was just a couple of days ago. I decided to add a knitted hat to her gift since her sister got one for Christmas. I tried out a new hat pattern I found on Ravelry. It is called Gingerbread Icing by Elizabeth Seidle.  It is a really lovely cabled hat pattern. I must add that the pattern is written REALLY well. I despise patterns that leave something up for interpretation so I like to mention when patterns are really great! I chose some yarn out of my stash. As I neared the end I realized I did not have enough yarn! Ack!! Back in the summer of 2012 I was working on an American Girl doll sweater for my daughter’s doll. I got the first sleeve sewn onto the body and decided I hated it. I clearly need some classes on finishing techniques. The sweater has been abandoned since then. It was knit out of the same yarn. So, I murdered the unfinished doll sweater to get enough yarn to finish up the hat. Frankly, I’m kind of relieved that I will no longer have that stupid unfinished sweater hanging over my head. I will knit her another doll sweater at some point, but I will make sure to choose one that is knit in one piece, if possible. I added a two-color crocheted flower to this hat. I love how it turned out. My sister-in-law shared this photo of my niece wearing it. So cute!

I will be an Auntie for the 10th time in late May/early June. I am always excited to welcome a new baby into the family. My sister is having a baby GIRL!! I am so excited and have already begun my knitting for my new niece! I love any baby knitting but knitting for little girls is just a tiny bit more fun for me since I love girly stuff! I cannot post here what I’m working on specifically since I want it to be a surprise for my sister when baby girl arrives. Maybe I will include photos that are zoomed in to disguise what the item is.


I have a favor to ask of my readers: Please recommend any blogs to me that you feel are excellent and have less than 200 people who follow them. It does not matter what the subject of the blog is. I read more than just knitting blogs. Back in April I was nominated for a  Liebster Award by jennamakesthings. I am stealing the meaning of this award from Jenna’s blog: “The Liebster Award is an award given to rising bloggers who have less than 200 followers. Liebster is German and means sweetest, kindest, nicest, dearest, beloved, lovely, kind, pleasant, valued, cute, endearing, and welcome.” I been really slow at following up with the things I’m supposed to do in response to being nominated (for all I know the deadline for me to have done this has come and gone.) I need to nominate 11 blogs for this same award. I have a few blogs in mind that I plan to award, but I need more. I don’t have a lot of time to search out more deserving blogs, so if you know of one I should check out and add to my award list that would be amazing. Thank you Jenna for this honor! I am sorry it has taken me so long to proceed with what I should have done with this ages ago.

Liebster Award Logo

Minnesota is still dangerously cold. Since it is only January and I already feel like this winter has gone on for ages I can only imagine that it is going to be a REALLY long one. I will try to focus on how much time indoors knitting this will allow me

Stay warm!


One thought on “Flowers, A Baby and an Award

  1. Kirstin says:

    Love the hat! Too and you didn’t finish the doll sweater even though not finishing helped you out- it was super cute! Definitely retry that one someday!
    Can’t wait to see baby girl knit surprise someday!
    I’ll check out the blogs I follow and let you know if any are under 200 but I am guessing not! (I don’t follow many)

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