My New Hat

Happy new year! 2012 had a few nasty surprises for me. I am hoping for a less eventful 2013. So far this year I have started my new job and me and my husband have been sick with a bronchitis / sinus infection combo.

My knitting has been a little slow so far this year. I did finish the second monster I needed for my nephew in time for our family Christmas. Then our Christmas was cancelled due to illness, so I wouldn’t have needed to hustle. I am onto another monster. This one though I am knitting with sock yarn, so it will be smaller. This one is for a friend who has admired my monsters. Her baby shower is coming up soon.



I finished my Fietsbellen Hat Hat! I love it! I have never knit myself a hat that I ended up liking very much. This one is perfect! It fits and it is beautiful and I think it’s me! Oh and the yarn is fabulous! I always enjoy working with Blue Moon Fiber Arts Yarn!



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